Experience leads to success

With our experience in digitalization we bring together your business know how as a company with digital change. In order to fulfill this promise, we implement new processes that fit to company and employees – sustainability guaranteed.


Our services are always matched with the upcoming changes of digitalization, new work and social networking. We want to solve the permanent changes with their complex requirements that come up to your organization and to your employees. We aim to find sustainable and profitable solutions. The topic of “digital change” requires extensive and specific know-how about processes within the company and possible technical solutions. This is what our consulting services are all about. Complemented by our professional experts from our network we offer experience and references of the important topics from decades.

Change Management

In focus of the above mentioned change projects are not only new processes. The most important part are the people behind it, who need to change their behavior. Without these people – your employees – the new process will hardly deliver the desired results. We will support you with this. We help creating a holistic approach, in order to establish new processes with new behavior of your employees.

Process management

Which influence do upcoming changes have on your internal processes? Which chances do you have in optimizing the direct collaboration with your customers / suppliers or business partners? We take a look at your existing processes and identify potentials for optimization, define fitting change projects and are happy to manage them together with you.


Within or activities for digital change we deal with the influence of digitalization on your IT systems. How to digitize paper-based systems, how to cope with endless numbers of e-mails and how to integrate all together in a data pool is our challenge together. In focus there are CRM/DMS/ERP/Financial accounting systems within your company and the connected organizational processes. Your objective will be in any case to collect important findings regarding your customers, products and services in order to ensure sustainable success of your company.

Project management

On basis of our experience for decades in project management we plan your projects together, manage and lead them to a successful closing. We use the most fitting methods for each project and are oriented on the culture and the requirements of your company.


In our coaching activities we will ask the right questions, in order to assist you or your employees in reaching your goals. Also here we will work always regarding changing working environments. In detail it is always focused on people. How do your employees cope with all the changes in working environment? And how can they cope with difficulties. We will support you in structuring your thoughts and talk about topics, you haven’t been able to talk about before.

We offer coaching individually or in a team setting always according to your needs. We also help you in professional questions in order to fulfill your homework in the changing environment.


We offer training courses for employees, future managers and managers. We offer standardized trainings, but also customize training contents to your specific needs. Our training contents are focused on their practical relevance, so employees can realize the contents directly after the training into their daily routine.

Within our training activities we define together your suitable training objectives and the target groups of your trainings. On this basis we create concrete training programs for your employees, teams and head of departments. We transfer knowledge suitable for all participants. Transferring content, that can be put in practice by the participants immediately after the training plays the most important role.

We are concentrating on topics that will help you keep your employees. How to prepare a team for upcoming changes? How to lead change as a head of a team? How to communicate within a change project? How to structure processes in order to adapt to upcoming changes? How to deal with insecurities in these changing times?