Keep Smiling

– how to deal with the unexceptional smile

Your clients / guests need to be enthused each day. How do your employees do that? With commitment and a smile. But sometimes we don’t want to smile. But in their daily work it is necessary. Your employees will experience in this training how they can manage to smile even when they are not in the right mood and they will find their personal way in dealing with it.

Team Power

– Enthuse your guests with happy employees

Don’t your teams collaborate in the way you would like them to collaborate? Are there any troubles between housekeeping and reception? Or between kitchen and service? Do your guests feel that as well? Or would you simply like to develop the potential of your teams?

Give your team the possibility for one day of team coaching during a work day. Your teams will have the possibility to find an agreement for a good collaboration according to their personalities.

Your benefits

  • Coaching of personalities: We concentrate on the different personalities of your employees.
  • Day of coaching can be integrated in the work day of the teams
  • Your employees feel appreciated, work better together and transfer their positive mood on the guests
  • This team coaching approach is approved in practical work life of top hotels

Aperitivo: Welcome to the team

– Onboarding for your employees

We assist you with a part of your onboarding process. After a briefing, we will show your employees the most important facts and figures about your company and explain the valid processes. In this sessions we make it possible for your new employees to get to know the other colleagues and exchange ideas.

Antipasto: Customer / Guest satisfaction

– brilliant contact with customers / guests

By creating magic moments it is possible to enthuse customers/guests every day. In this course we show your employees methods how to enthuse customers/guests. After the training, your employees will look for magic moments regularly in order to enthuse your customers/guests.

Primo Piatto: Relate to Others

– Communication basics in the company

Communication is our life. Even within a company employees communicate daily with superiors, colleagues, employees and customers/guests. In this training, your employees will experience which effect their communication has on others and learn simple methods to create it more effectively.

Secondo Piatto: Deal with complaints

– accept complaints as a chance for improvement

A complaint is not automatically a means of guests / clients for getting something for free. A complaint gives you as company the possibility to improve. Your employees will experience in this training how to handle complaints in order to positively improve the company.

Dessert: Raise sales

– easy methods of selling for non-sales people

Selling is really awful? It definitely doesn’t have to be! In this training, your staff will learn simple sales techniques and know how in order to increase not only the satisfaction of the company, but also guest and their own satisfaction.