Why to manage change

Every project changes something. When employees don’t change themselves and their way of working, there is a high risk that the whole project is not successful and the new process is not alive. How high is the change risk in your new project?

In this free workshop you will experience how change management can help your projects to be realized successfully. After the workshop you will receive a first report with an evaluation of your change risk.

We will show:

  • what change management is and why it can lead projects to success
  • how change management and project management can be integrated
  • how change management can be measured
  • who should be integrated in change projects
  • at which risk level changes in your company are


Free online workshop: why to manage change

Do you know this unpleasant feeling when you know you need to change but you don’t really want to? In times of digital change, new work and social networks, you cannot escape from changes anymore. And then the following happens:

  • Projects are delayed
  • Employees leave
  • Processes are not executed according to their definition
  • Resistance is present

By using appropriate methods change can be managed in order to reduce these risks. We will show you how to do it:

In the online workshop we show:

  • how to successfully finish change projects
  • how change management and project management can be integrated
  • how to measure the successful implementation of changes
  • who should be involved in change projects

Management of your change project

Here we define a consulting package to manage your change project, adapted to the needs of your company. After precise analysis, we decide together which methods are suitable for your company.

Change together

In this training your heads and key employees learn how to accompany their colleagues in ongoing changes.

Manage change

In this training your heads of change projects will learn in a practical way how to manage change in your company.

Change It Coaching

In this coaching session(s) we assist your heads of change projects in order to realize them successfully.

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